It is a fact that businesses today depend on IT resources of all sorts to remain competitive and reach their goals. Little can be accomplished without being connected in real time with the proper infrastructure and online tools. However, choosing the right path can be a daunting task because of the vast amount of options out there. The Information Technology world is a real jungle that needs to be walked through with the adequate guide and advise.


About Us

American Technet was founded in 2000 with the mission to deliver professional IT services to the world of the small and medium sized businesses.

  • Technology Bridging or the art of understanding the global IT trends and technologies to proactively research on their impact and potential benefits to our customers.
  • Public Relationship or the art of personally communicate with our customers by visiting them regularly, and participating in their infrastructure projects or concerns.
  • Consulting or the art of summarizing in a down to earth language the growing options the technology world has to offer as well as warning about the dangers and risks



It is not too often that one takes the time to say “Thank You” to a vendor.   I think we all take it for granted or it is kind of understood when writing the check to pay the invoice.  That said I like to take this opportunity to say thank you………. WB Engineering has passed to you two critical components of our business (or any business) those are telecom and IT infrastructure.

Alfredo Blumenthal
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