IT Managed Services


As a managed IT services provider (MSP) we administer and assume responsibility for proactively providing a defined set of services to our clients modeled upon their present and future needs. All the way up from a simple network outlet connection to a sophisticated hybrid or cloud environment setup.

We do not work on demand by attending sporadic service requests. We found this practice not effective for our clients and distractive for us. Random service tickets usually lead to more problems than solutions.

Our main goal is to develop a long lasting and trusty relationship with our customers.

This is peace of mind for everyone.

Our key service points are:

We are local

Nothing replaces the human contact in this binary world. By defining the territories each branch services we are able to respond in a very short period of time to any request for onsite service. No more scheduling of appointments in the future to attend an urgent matter. We are always minutes away. Our customers call it awesome.

We follow up routinely

We never wait for emergencies to occur to visit our clients. We found this practice highly effective because it gives us the opportunity to know each other better, to help them with minor but critical topics that they would not otherwise be aware of. When we are not under stress we may calmly advice our customers in many ways, from a little change in a workstation location to the design and planning of a major project.

We go for the long run

By agreeing upon yearly terms our customers enjoy the benefits of counting on a true and highly qualified IT department for a fraction of the cost of maintaining one in house.

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