Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface

Today we live in a virtual world. You reside in one continent and work in another. Since 2008 we began exploring the world of virtualization, it’s core players, and the best solutions available. We did a great deal of research to find the best ways to implement these platforms for our customers. We “landed” the core features and helped them grow worldwide. When the Cloud was just a concept we were already building, implementing and managing our customer’s own clouds

When bandwidth improved we added offsite resources and took our customers to the next level. To the point that for some there was no need to spend in hardware and local resources when they could find them in the cloud, more efficiently and always available. This is Cloud Computing, a technology concept in which we pioneered and excel.

We know what it takes to deploy virtualization solutions by configuring environments from the leaders like:

  • VMware
  • Citrix
  • Virtual Box (by Oracle)
  • Microsoft Virtualization Platform

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